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Keith Bradley


Sculptor, Keith Bradley, perhaps known best for his current work of metal animal sculptures, is giving the art world reason to rave. His unusual, life-size, whimsical sculptures of horses, bulls, cats and dogs are being discovered and collected by art patrons the world over.  Keith’s ability to metamorphose a familiar object, deviates from classical sculpture and creates a fascinating, unusual world for the connoisseur of fine art. It is not unusual to have a huge crate carrying a life-size animal being shipped to France, Canada, England or Germany. Patrons cannot walk away from the spirited, animated creations. Keith’s’ energy and sense of humor are immediately evident to the viewer and they are drawn into his world of new reality, curiosity and imagination. They all take their animals home for a favorites spot in the house, patio or yard. Corporations have begun collections and sculpture gardens featuring his creations for the pleasure of the corporate client. Bradley has captured the essence of originality, creativity and fun in each of his designs. His inspiration came from a burnt out metal barn roof in Northern Florida and Bradley decided to pay tribute to the animals that once inhabited that domain. Not limited to any one form of sculpture, this artist excels at each medium he indulges in and captures the viewer by enhancing the subject in a delightfully humorous composition.

Bradley began his career as a graduate of the Culinary Institute of Hyde Park, N.Y., as a chef. Unfortunately for the restaurants, but phenomenally lucky for the art world, a back injury forced Bradley to redirect his creativity and discover another outlet. Having no formal training, he attacked work with his “full speed ahead” attitude, and within three months, had both paintings and pottery, on display in galleries. The art of airbrush became a challenge and within a year, Bradley’s work was displayed in national galleries. After two years, he accepted a teaching position at Miami International Fine Arts College.

Bradley is currently working in South Florida, constantly creating and enjoying these fantastic, imaginative creations that capture the hearts of all who have the opportunity to catch a glimpse of these non-demanding critters that do not have to be fed, groomed, or taken to the vet. Be sure to check on Keith’s’ work, as this artist has a curiosity driven sense of humor and is constantly expanding his sculptural field with new and imaginative sculptures.

Exhibitions and Collections

2014 - Best in Sculpture, Waterway Art Festival, The Woodlands, Texas

2009 and 2010 - First Place, Best in Show, Third Street at St. James Court Art Festival, Louisville, Kentucky

2003 and 2004 - First Place, Meet Me Downtown, Boca Raton, Florida

2000 - Merit Award, Meet Me Downtown, Boca Raton, Florida

1999 and 2001 - Best in Juried Art Show - Meet Me Downtown, Boca Raton, Florida

Coral Springs Museum of Art, Coral Springs, Florida - exhibition and permanent collection

Fort Lauderdale Hortt Exhibition

Fort Lauderdale’s Museum of Discovery and Science — permanent collection

Museum of New Arts (MONA), (now located in Colorado) works have been displayed

Museum of American Memorabilia — sculptures on exhibit Monticello, New York

Our World Global Discovery Children’s Museum, Massachusetts

Owensboro Fine Art Museum, Kentucky — permanent collection

International Game Fish Museum, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Art in Public Places, Coral Springs, Florida

Islamorada, Florida — Keith’s work is on public display in a county park

Sarasota County Florida — Keith was filmed this year as part of a festival on environmental awareness

Ronald McDonald House, Dallas, Texas has a sculpture

Jimmy Buffet has a pelican sculpture

Documentary: Bradley’s work was recently the subject of a documentary for Public Television

Feature articles in Airbrush Action magazine, The Artist’s Magazine, Popular Ceramics magazine, and Marlin Magazine

The Enclave real estate development, Port St. Lucie, Florida

Hatteras Yachts corporate headquarters, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Honey Bake Ham Corporation

NBC News — Keith’s work was featured in a segment showcasing the artist and his work

Nancy Poole’s Studio in Toronto, Canada — Keith’s art has been shown at this prestigious studio.

Neenah Paper Competition Award, Gold Addy Award

Commission — Coach Simpson, U.S. Olympic boxing coach, commissioned Keith to create a one of a kind sculpture

Thomas Harris, Author “The Silence of the Lambs”

Jack Link - CEO of Jack Link Beef Jerky

Marti and Wanye Huizenga

Martina Navratilova, renowned tennis champion

Michael and Gael Mendelsohn - recognized by
Art & Antiques as one of America's Top 100 Collectors
gggggggggggggggggggggg— The Briddge Group

Joe Perry from the rock band Aerosmith

Wesley Snipes recently acquired a sculpture from Keith

Cesar Millan from the TV show Dog Whisperer, has a dog sculpture

Work on display at Ritz Carlton, Coconut Grove, FL

Keith Bradley | P.O. Box 15371 | Plantation, FL 33318